Top Things Buyers and Sellers Want From Their Real Estate Agents

Buyers and sellers tend to have a long list of demands when it comes to real estate transactions, and so they should. After all, the buying and selling process can be pretty complex, so anything that can streamline the process would be welcomed. The way real estate agents conduct themselves and handle situations can make a huge difference between a smooth transaction and a frustrating one.


Here are some important things that buyers and sellers expect from their agents.

Immediate Response

Clients expect an immediate response from their agents. They want their agents to answer their phones when they call, or at least respond to a voice mail within minutes. They also want quick responses to their texts and emails. If they have to wait too long to get a reply, they just might be impatient enough to call another agent to have their questions answered.


Those looking get into the real estate market are in need of an expert, which is why they hired a real estate agent to tackle this job for them. They are relying on an experienced agent to understand the current market, find them the perfect home (for buyers), use various platforms to widely market their home (for sellers), and negotiate a fantastic price.

Proven Results

Buyers and sellers want to work with agents who have plenty of transactions under their belts. Sellers want agents with a long track record of selling homes for as close to listing price as possible, and within a short time frame. Buyers want agents who’ve been successful at finding homes in the area they are looking in. The more transactions real estate agents have been a part of, the better able they will be to handle various situations.


The way agents present themselves makes a world of difference in how professional their clients perceive them to be. Clients expect their agents to dress the part: real estate agents should be well-groomed and appropriately dressed. Respect of others’ time also shows a certain level of professionalism; nobody wants an agent who is perpetually late for appointments.


Negotiation Skills

Buyers want a good deal on a home, and sellers want the most money on the table. Whichever side of the coin agents are working on, their clients expect them to express strong negotiating skills at the table. Real estate agents represent the voices of their clients, and should know what to say at the negotiating table, and when to say it to show their clients’ the money.

Use of Technology

Agents who solely depend on their phones to communicate or the newspaper to advertise listings are not what today’s buyers and sellers want. These days, it’s expected that agents use every form of innovative technology for communication and marketing purposes. Technology helps real estate agents to be more efficient and successful in buying and selling homes, and that’s precisely what clients want.


Agents are required by law to be honest with their clients – it’s actually a part of the National Association of Realtors® Code of Ethics. Buyers want their agents to point out potential defects in a home, and sellers expect their agents to be honest about what might turn buyers off. Forget about false promises and sugar-coating; clients want full honesty and the confidence to rely on their agents’ word.

Network of Connections

There is so much that goes in the world of real estate that plenty of other professions need to be a part of it to make it all work. Mortgage specialists, home stagers, contractors, interior designers, lawyers, home inspectors, and movers can all come into play at some point along the way. Buyers and sellers want their agents to be able to suggest one of these professionals that they’ve worked with before rather than having to find one on their own.

Marketing Plan

It’s not enough to rely only on a For Sale sign on the front lawn to market a property. Real estate agents need to have a comprehensive marketing plan to get as many eyes on their listings as possible. Newspaper ads, websites, blogs, and social media profiles all have a hand in attracting attention. Sellers want their homes sold quickly, and the more far-reaching tactics their agents use, the greater the chances of this happening.

The most successful real estate agents possess each and every one of these traits. Whether you’re buying or selling, you should expect nothing less than these qualities in order to get the results you want in a time-efficient manner. Professional agents aim to please their clients and provide them with the best experiences. If these are the things clients want, their agents are more than happy to offer them.