9 Savvy Home Improvement Apps

It seems like there’s an app for just about everything. Luckily for homeowners, there are also a bunch of awesome apps that make a home improvement project a lot more streamlined and simplified. They give ideas, provide tips, and even offer detailed information on how to measure and pick the right design and color schemes.

If you could use a little virtual assistance when it comes time to remodel your home, consider downloading any one of the following home improvement apps.

1. DIY Tip Genius

If you’ve read the Family Handyman magazine and are a fan, then you might want to tap into its app. The DIY Tip Genius app provides all sorts of tidbits of helpful information, including specific techniques that can be employed for certain projects, general guides, and daily tips. You can easily find what you’re looking for by searching through specific categories and bookmark certain pages or tips that you feel will be helpful as your project gets underway.

2. Handyman Calculator

When it comes to home construction, measurements are key and need to be precise in order for the final product to turn out properly. Fortunately, you have the Handyman Calculator app at your fingertips to help you make all the exact calculations necessary. This app features a host of calculation and conversion tools, perfect for the DIYer and professional contractor alike. You’ll find anything from simple unit conversions to weight tools to make measuring on the job a cinch.

3. iHandy Carpenter

Checking the level of floors and angle of walls is easy when you’ve got the iHandy Carpenter app in your hands. This app literally turns your smartphone into a collection of tools needed on the job. 

4. Magic Plan

Generate an indoor map of your home with the Magic Plan app. This tool allows you to take pictures of your interior from one end to the other to create an accurate blueprint of the project you intend to create. There are hundreds of objects to choose from to include in your plan, including electrical wires, plumbing pipes, light fixtures, and so forth.

5. RoomScan Pro

Here’s another app that makes it easy to come up with a sound floor plan layout. The RoomScan Pro app makes use of your mobile device to scan your interior to come up with a layout that’s as accurate as it can get. The app records measurements of the space as you move around the space and scan the area from each wall. It then draws out the walls using this recorded information to come up with a floor plan on the spot.

6. Pinterest

Considering how amazing the website is, it’s no surprise that the Pinterest app is just as fantastic for homeowners looking to do a little remodeling. Like the site, the app allows you to create a pinboard where you can gather images and articles for inspiration to share with your designer or to use as a guide for your project. You can even find products to buy for your home and get in touch with home improvement professionals to help bring your ideas to fruition.

7. Houzz

The mobile Houzz app is similar to its amazing website and allows users to browse millions of professional images of home renovations that have already been done to gain some inspiration. The app also futures helpful articles, forums to seek advice from other users, products to buy, and contact information for industry professionals. 

8. TapPainter

It can be really tough to picture what a certain paint color will look like on your walls from just a tiny swatch from your local paint shop. This problem can be virtually solved thanks to the TapPainter app which allows you to gain a sense of what your interior will look like before you start painting. Take pictures of your home and fiddle with the paint colors on your smartphone to help you make a more confident choice in paint color.

9. Adornably

If you want to get a 3D view of your space, then the Adorably app is for you. This app lets you see your home’s finished product as if you’re standing in the space in person. You can play around with furniture pieces, choose wall art, and switch things around until you come up with the right configuration for your space. It’s a great way to get a sense of how the pieces will work in your home before you buy them.

The Bottom Line

It’s good to be a homeowner these days, especially if you’re the DIY type who’s looking to make a few changes to your space. With these savvy apps, you literally have near-professional tools at your disposal, helping your home improvement project turn out exactly the way you want it.